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Mountain Ridge


Joanne F headshot.jpeg
Joanne Frederick
Founder & CEO
Robin B headshot.jpeg
Robin Burkowske
Managing Director: Recruitment Services


Established in 1992, Market Strategies is a woman-owned small business dedicated to navigating companies through the complexities of the public sector healthcare arena. With over three decades of experience, we take pride in our enduring client relationships and track record of securing significant contracts for our partners.





As we traversed the intricate landscape of government contracting, we recognized a pressing need for streamlined talent solutions. This realization prompted us to embark on an exciting new journey into the realms of recruiting and talent consulting. By merging our expertise in corporate and staff recruitment with our in-depth knowledge of government contracting, we're proud to introduce our new service offering to help existing and new clients meet their growth goals.


Drawing from our extensive recruitment knowledge and historical healthcare and government contracting expertise, we're uniquely positioned to offer top-tier talent solutions in the government contracting space.


What sets us apart is our holistic approach to business solutions. In addition to navigating the healthcare sector, we provide invaluable resource planning and staffing solutions. This comprehensive suite of services ensures a seamless transition from strategy to implementation, delivering unparalleled support throughout your projects' lifecycles.


At Market Strategies, our commitment transcends short-term objectives; we're dedicated to forging enduring partnerships founded on mutual success and sustained growth. 






For the full-service strategy, business development excellence, and implementation services Market Strategies has delivered since 1992, please visit our affiliated firm, GMS

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