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Growth- Staff Augmentation

With 33 years of government contract excellence, we understand the value of deploying great talent quickly.


Sourcing and retaining the right team for your proposal or project is the most impactful step you can take on your journey to success.

Our Staff Augmentation Services Include:

  • Resource Management: Access to a wide range of vetted & talented professionals ready to start on your project at go-live.

  • Seamless Integration: Preparing new staff and helping them smoothly integrate to your team.

  • Expertise and Guidance: Leverage our resources to guide you on employment market analytics and trends, including cost and compensation.

  • Incumbent Capture: Managing the recruitment and hiring of Incumbents during contract transitions

  • 1099 Contracting: Facilitating 1099 contractors to help you with short term or long term initiatives. 

General Recruiting

For staffing solutions tailored to your hiring needs, we provide a comprehensive range of recruitment services. Let us handle the talent acquisition process while you concentrate on growing your business.


What sets us apart from traditional staffing agencies is our commitment to meticulous candidate evaluations, exceptional candidate experience, and personalized customer service.


We prioritize understanding your specific hiring requirements to handpick top talent that perfectly aligns with your organization's goals.


Our General Recruiting Services Include:

  • Direct Placement 

  • Contract-to Hire 

  • Contract 

  • Sourcing Campaigns

  • Embedded Recruiters

Talent Optimization

Our consultant specializes in enhancing your recruitment processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. With a keen focus on strategic optimization, we bring tailored solutions to refine and elevate your talent acquisition function, ensuring streamlined operations and successful hiring outcomes.

Our Talent Optimization Services Include:

  • Advise and manage the Integration of advanced ATS for efficient resume screening and candidate management.

  • Develop targeted strategies for diverse and high-caliber candidate sourcing.

  • Audit and optimize existing recruitment processes.

  • Design and deliver training on industry best practices.

  • Create employer branding initiatives for top-tier talent attraction.

  • Establish KPIs for continuous recruitment process improvement.

Pricing & General Inquiry

Get in touch with us to discuss how our talent services can help your company achieve its goals. Request a quote today.

Call us: 410-381-4508

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